Getting Started with the MeArm Pi

This document is relevant only for the following hardware:

  • mearm-pi

You should already have built your MeArm Pi including writing the disk image to your SD card. If you haven’t then do that first!

The stock disk image for the MeArm Pi uses a tool called Headless Pi. This is designed to let you get started using your Raspberry Pi without ever having to plug in anything but the power. It supports WiFi based Raspberry Pi models as it uses the built-in WiFi for initial setup and configuration. If you have another model without WiFi then you should install the software manually (documentation to follow).

#1 Join the WiFi network

Using your computer or tablet, look for a network called “headlessPi”. Join this using the password “raspberry”

#2 Load the Headless Pi interface

Once you have joined the network, visit using your web browser. This should bring up an interface which has a number of applications you can use to program and control your MeArm Pi as well as configure your system.

#3 Join your existing WiFi network (optional)

Click on the large app button that says “Connect WiFi!”. In the interface that appears you can select the WiFi network you want the MeArm Pi to join and enter the password.

Once you have successfully joined your existing network, join your computer back on to it and then reload which should now be accessible over your network.